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The `ip_banned` table

This table contains all of the banned IPs and the date when (or if) the ban will expire.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
ip varchar(32) signed PRI NO
bandate bigint(40) signed NO NULL
unbandate bigint(40) signed NO NULL
bannedby varchar(50) signed NO [Console]
banreason varchar(255) signed NO no reason

Description of the fields


The IP address that is banned.


The date when the IP was first banned, in Unix time.


The date when the IP will be unbanned in Unix time. Any date that is set lower than the current date basically classifies as a permanent ban as it will never auto expire.


The name of the character that banned the IP. The character should belong to an account with the rights to the .ban command in-game.


The reason given for the IP ban.